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HOWTO: Backup your personal calendar using Dropbox

This is a translation of a post I made earlier.

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In this post I’ll describe an easy and quick way to backup your personal calendar using Dropbox. I’m using Thunderbird + Lightning but this should work with most programs (the exact procedure will most likely be different though).

  1. In the calendar view in Thunderbird we’ll right click on the calendar that should be backed up, then choose export calendar. Now we’ll assign it a suitable name and save it somewhere inside our Dropbox folder.
  2. Now lets right click again in the calendar list on the left, but this time we choose new calendar. In the wizard that will be presented for us we’ll select calendar on the network, in the next step we choose iCalendar (ICS)and enter the path to the previously exported calendar:
    file:///home/<user name>/Dropbox/calendar.ics

  3. Next we’ll choose a name and a colour for our calendar and that’s it!

    The calendar will now always be backed up as long as we are online, but don’t forget to manually backup important data 🙂

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